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AEQ Phoenix Mercury – Codec

Codificador de AOIP (áudio por IP) full-duplex

É um codificador de AOIP (áudio por IP) full-duplex, que realiza conexões em estéreo, dois canais mono ou monaural simples.

Seu controle é efetuada através de um PC e permite o gerenciamento local ou remoto de um ou de vários equipamentos conectados em série, Tem entradas e saídas balanceadas, em conectores XLR.

Compatível com a maioria dos audiocodecs de outros fabricantes: ele foi desenvolvido segundo a borma internacional N/ACIP EBU Tech 3326.

Suporta sinalização SIP e os formatos de codificação mais usados, incluindo o AEQ-LD, proprietário, de baixo retardo e, opcionalmente, codificação AAC. O AEQ MERCURY é entregue já devidamente registrado para uso livre nos servidores SIP da AEQ, simplificando e agilizando as conexões.

The AEQ MERCURY is a full duplex, Stereo, IP audiocodec allowing for connections in Stereo, Dual or Mono. The codec is exclusively controlled through a simple PC interface, allowing for the remote or local management of one or a series of audiocodecs.

Its very compact design (22 cm (W) x 4,5 cm (H) x 20 cm (D) – two units can be allocated in a 1RU 19” tray) holds a professional audiocodec that is compatible with the majority of audiocodecs from other manufacturers since the unit was been developed in accordance with the international recommendation N/ACIP EBU Tech3326. The AEQ MERCURY supports SIP signalling and the most common encoding algorithms, including the proprietary AEQ LD and optionally AAC encoding modes.

The unit has balanced analogue Audio Inputs and Outputs through XLR connectors as well as digital audio AES/EBU I/O’s.

AEQ MERCURY are delivered readily registered in order to freely use the services of the AEQ SIP Server, simplifying the establishment of connections. The AEQ MERCURY and its bigger companion AEQ VENUS are perfect for STL applications, Radio broadcast networks, outside broadcast contributions or as digital hybrids for IP Telephony.

PHOENIX MERCURY audiocodecs in combination with the ControlPhoenix MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE will put you in the position that you always wanted – IN FULL CONTROL.

There are many different applications for the AEQ Phoenix Family of AudioCodecs. to learn more or to find a solution to your particular need, please consult the AEQ PHOENIX AUDIOCODECS – IP APPLICATION NOTES


IP AudioCodec, stereo, bidirectional. Allows for stereo dual or mono connections. PC User interface provides local or remote control for one or an array of codecs.

Compatible with the most audiocodecs in the market. Supports SIP and the most popular encoding algorithms and is 100% compatible with N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 technical recommendations.

 IP Advantages: Adaptive buffer to absorb network jitter. Automatic IP parameter configuration through DHCP. FEC.

AEQ SIP Server. AEQ SIP Server – To simplify IP connections, AEQ offers its own SIP server – and at no cost to you.

Continuous data channel. Allows you to transport embedded data within the audio stream, as an example, for equipment remote control.

Includes encoding algorithms for any purpose. Includes the compulsory algorithms according to N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 technical recommendation plus the AEQ LD low delay algorithms. AAC algorithms can be supplied optionally.

Professional Audio. The unit has balanced analogue inputs and outputs on XLR connectors. Optionally, the unit can be equipped with AES/EBU Digital I/O’s.

Reduced foot-print. Two Phoenix Mercury can be allocated together in 1RU 19” rack mount.



STL Link (Studio-Transmitter Link). Through IP connections on private VLAN, IP Radio-links, WiMAx, WiFi, ADSL, Cable MODEM, etc., can be used to send the program signal from the production centre to the radio transmission sites.

Radio station networks. The unit can be used to interconnect the audio of the different radio stations in the network through IP. Since the unit is bidirectional the audio can be distributed to the different radio stations in the network and at the same time audio contribution can be established in the opposite direction.

Outside broadcasts and contributions. The unit is able to establish connections with other codecs and smartphone codecs, Phoenix (Studio, Mobile, Mercury, PC, Pocket o Lite) or from other manufacturers that are N/ACIP compliant.

Digital Hybrid for IP telephony. Can communicate through SIP with an IP switchboard (Asterisk or similar) that accepts calls in G711 and HD voice calls in G722 from IP telephony smartphone codecs, IP trunking and through gateways, calls from ISDN and POTS (PSTN). This type of communications is converted into 4W audio and made readily available for On-Air broadcasting.



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