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Fusion AoIP Mixing Console Axia

Console de áudio sobre IP modular Axia

Desde 2003, Axia® é o nome que os radiodifusores pensam primeiro quando pensam em instalações de transmissão em rede. Milhares de profissionais de rádio e áudio fizeram da Axia sua primeira escolha para consoles de mixagem poderosos, flexíveis e fáceis de usar.

Fusion é o console modular Axia repleto de recursos aprimorados em mais de uma década de experiência em áudio IP. Ele está disponível em tamanhos de quadros para suportar consoles de 8 a 40 faders em quadros vinculados únicos ou múltiplos. Fusion é alimentado pelos mecanismos de mixagem Axia PowerStation® ou StudioEngine DSP, o que significa que agora é 100% compatível com AES67. Ele se conecta à rede Axia com um único cabo Ethernet CAT-6, permitindo o compartilhamento de dispositivos de áudio locais (e seu controle GPIO associado) entre vários estúdios para maximizar a eficiência e reduzir custos.

  • From 8 to 40 fader channels, each with instant, unlimited access to any source. Assign any type of source to any channel.
  • Rugged construction of extruded aluminum ensures rigidity and EM-tightness. Anodized aluminum work surface with laser-etched markings that can’t be rubbed off ensures durability and good looks for life.
  • Four main stereo outputs (Program-1 through Program- 4), plus four stereo Aux sends and two Aux returns.
  • High-resolution OLED displays above each fader strip display selected source, full-time source and backfeed confidence metering, talkback status, pan/fade information and more.
  • Integrated intercom capability includes built-in IFB for two-way communication to individual talent positions via headphone feeds and mics, plus a variety of optional drop-in intercom modules that connect to Axia IP Intercom whole-plant intercom systems.
  • Flexible, intuitive Talkback system lets board ops talk to hosts, studio guests, external feeds — any source with an associated backfeed.
  • Every channel has a stereo Preview (“cue”) function, with a unique latching interlock system for fast, intuitive operation. Multiple channels may be assigned to Preview simultaneously.
  • Reconfigurable monitor section with reassignable controls let operators instantly change monitored sources “on-the-fly.”
  • Software control of options such as EQ, mic dynamics, aux sends and returns, pan and balance and other features delivers maximum flexibility without panel clutter or intimidating controls.
  • Built-in Omnia dynamics processing lets operators combine compression, de-essing and expansion with EQ to “sweeten” microphone sources.
  • A unique, flexible Record Mode enables one-button setup of record mixes for phone bits or off-air interviews.
  • Consolidated user display conveys meter, clock, timer and monitor source information at a single glance. Meter up to 6 buses at once by default, using VU or PPM-style ballistics — add another 4 meters for a total of 10 if desired.
  • Precision timer and clock functions, including an event timer that can be triggered by pre-defined sources, a countdown timer with last-minute alerting and a time-of-day clock that can be synchronized to network time using NTP.
  • Show Profiles set-save-recall feature allows users to instantly recall a customized personal profile, or a profile tailored to specific show types. Up to 99 Show Profiles can be saved for interview shows, music-intensive programming, call-in talk shows, etc.
  • Console functions can be accessed remotely for configuration, management and diagnostic purposes using any standard Web browser.
  • Optional Telos phone control module provides direct, on-the-console line switching control of any Telos multi-line broadcast phone system.
  • Numeric keypad (with # and * keys) lets operators quickly place calls with phone systems or codecs attached to the Axia network.
  • Completely automatic, hands-free mix-minus generation for every Phone caller or remote Codec source.
  • Built-in User Keys for can be programmed with Axia PathfinderPC routing control software to control profanity delay units (such as the 25-Seven® Program Delay Manager), or can be used to trigger routing salvos, scene changes or send GPIO commands.
  • No audio passes directly through the Fusion control surface, keeping your programming safe from studio accidents. All mixing and processing is performed by the StudioEngine or PowerStation mixing engines.
  • Axia’s trademark long-life conductive-plastic faders with side-loading actuation defy dirt, grit and dust.
  • Aircraft-grade switches with LED lighting have been tested to withstand millions of operations.
  • Can be directly remote-controlled using Axia SoftSurface software for Windows.


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