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Microphone xNode Axia Telos Alliance

Módulo de entrada e saída Telos Alliance

The xNode lightweight, half-rack, high-performance IP-Audio interface from Telos Alliance is loaded with advanced features and capabilities. One-button configuration takes a new xNode from out-of-the-box to on-the-air in under one minute. They’re fanless, which means they’re noiseless too. Versatile mounting options let you deploy two xNodes in just 1RU of rack space, or on ceilings, walls, and under counters with an available wall-mount kit. xNodes have studio-grade audio performance specs. Redundant power options (using AC mains and Power-over-Ethernet) and dual-redundant network interfaces are included, both with automatic switching. And xNodes are fully AES67-compliant, so they work with all AES67 audio gear—now, and in the future. In fact, they are the first and only AoIP I/O devices that are Livewire+™, RAVENNA, and AES67 compliant. Every xNode not only supports RAVENNA audio stream interoperability, but also enables advertising/discovery of those streams natively, above and beyond AES67.

xNodes are available in Analog, AES/EBU, Microphone-level, Mixed-Signal, and GPIO versions to handle virtually any signal encountered in today’s broadcast studio.

Compact 9.5” x 11” second-generation AoIP interface. AES67-
compliant, noiseless and fan-free; can be conveniently placed adjacent
to your mic clusters, rack-mounted, or wall-mounted (using one of the
accessory kits listed below). 16-channel xNode provides 4 mic inputs
with switchable Phantom power, with preamp gain adjustable from –
74dBu to -19dBu, and 8 mono or 4 stereo balanced line-level outputs
for headphone or monitor feeds, accessible via easy-to-install RJ-45
connectors or high-density DB-25 ports. Microphone xNode can also be
used as a multiple-input mic preamp and A/D converter, or as the
stage-end of a digital snake. Short-circuit protected outputs are
capable of delivering up to +24 dBu before clipping. Recording-studio
grade performance specs such as EIN of < -128dB and THD of <0.005%.
With new 2.0 software, the xNode introduces a matrix mixer, which
allows for mixing, stream conversion, and a multitude of unique
solutions. Dual Ethernet ports allow connection to fully-redundant
networks. Redundant power plan auto-switches from internal supply
(on models so equipped) to PoE backup power when needed. Can also
draw primary power directly over Ethernet from switches compatible
with the IEEE 802.1af PoE standard (such as Axia xSwitch, p/n 2001-
00357); perfect for single-cable deployment in tight locations. Requires
one unused 100Base-T Ethernet port for connection to an Axia
network. Auto-sensing power supply, 90VAC to 240VAC, 50 Hz to 60
Hz. 14 Watts. Occupies 1RU when rack-mounted. Now with a fully
configurable mixing matrix, some user interface improvements, and
AES67 compatibility enhancements. Rack-mounting kit included with
each xNode.



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