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Omnia 7 Processador de Áudio Digital FM

Omnia 7 Processador de Áudio Digital FM The Telos Alliance

Up to now, there have been two choices when it comes to audio processing: all the features and advanced audio-shaping tools (with a five-figure price tag), or gear that fits your budget — but made you compromise on performance and capabilities.

No more compromises. Meet Omnia.7FM, the premium, feature-rich FM audio processor that’s surprisingly affordable. But low price doesn’t mean low performance: Omnia.7FM delivers the powerful, clear and precise Omnia® signature sound that’s the first choice of top stations worldwide.

Omnia.7FM comes with a host of standard features:

  • Selectable FM or HD+Streaming/Encoding
  • “Undo,” exclusive Omnia technology that removes distortion and mathematically re-creates the peaks sliced from today’s poorly mastered contemporary music. Undo restores life, brilliance, and dynamic range to any type of music.
  • An exclusive Psychoacoustically Controlled Distortion Masking Clipper analyzes and masks distortion perceptible to the human ear, leaving only clean, clear audio.
  • A complete toolbox of sophisticated Omnia sound-shaping technology gives you the power to analyze and refine your signature sound using a variety of sonic tools ranging from loudness metering to Real- Time Analyzers to Oscilloscopes, FFTs, and more.

Simultaneous HD, Internet streaming / encoding and RDS options are also available, putting Omnia.7FM head-and-shoulders above any other comparably priced audio processor in features, performance, and value.

  • Selectable FM or HD+streaming standard; optional upgrade to combinations of simultaneous FM+HD+Streaming+RDS.
  • Omnia-exclusive “Undo” Audio Restoration Technology
  • Psychoacoustically Controlled Distortion Masking FM Clipper
  • Two-band final look-ahead limiter for HD Radio and streaming
  • Full Omnia Toolbox, with loudness metering, a digital oscilloscope, an FFT spectrum analyzer, and Real
    Time Analyzer (RTA)
  • Remote client software allows full remote control of processor and all metering tools from any
    Windows-based PC or tablet on the local network — including touch-screen devices
  • Dry Voice Detector detects speech and applies appropriate processing for clearest possible voice quality
  • Built-in Speaker Calibration tool
  • Multiband downward expansion (source noise reduction)
  • Three-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization
  • Program-dependent two-to-five-band multiband AGCs and limiters
  • 4.3” / 10.9 cm. front panel screen
  • Full remote control with audio monitoring
  • HTTP push support for automation such as dynamic RDS and streaming song titles, with preset recall
  • Dual, independent power supplies
  • Composite pass-through (relay bypass) for backup processor


Optional Features

  • Simultaneous streaming processing / encoding
  • Simultaneous processing for HD Radio or DAB
  • RDS encoding


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