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Z/IPSteam A/XE – Software / Sistema de Streaming Omnia

Z/IPSteam A/XE - Software / Sistema de Streaming Omnia The Telos Alliance

Z/IPStream A/XE can process audio for a variety of applications, bitrate-reduced and linear. It runs in the background as a Windows service, can be fully-managed and configured remotely with a web browser, and can even process and encode multiple streams in various formats simultaneously.

Browser creators have decided to remove support for the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. It is highly recommend that users transition to our Z/IPStream X/2 Streaming Software. In order to continue using Silverlight users have to maintain an older version of their browser, which can be less secure than an updated version. This transition will not only remove Silverlight reliance but will also provide users with higher workflow efficiency and increased productivity levels. In addition, the X/2 software has many new and advanced features such as an HTML5 UI for access from desktop and mobile devices, adaptive streaming, full scriptable control, the ability to further upgrade to 9X/2 with Omnia 9 processing and more. For more information on this product please refer to the Z/IPStream X/2 Product Page.

  • Genuine 3-Band Omnia processing to improve audio levels, loudness and perceived quality.
  • Software only, no special cards required
  • Runs as a Windows service in the background. No need to log in.
  • Managed from anywhere through a web browser, locally or across the Internet
  • Each license = one stereo input. The user can add each license to the same PC or separate PCs.
  • Each program input can be processed and encoded in multiple ways, and sent to multiple servers simultaneously.
  • Processed audio can also be sent to a local sound device for monitoring.


Additional Features

  • High-performance, low memory footprint, native application
  • Can operate with Virtual Audio Cable driver. This allows A/XE to accept audio from a playout system or other applications on the same PC. It can also be used to feed the processed audio from A/XE to another application on the same PC.
  • All configuration information is stored in a single XML file for simple configuration backup/restore.


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